Telecom Network Testing and Automation

Telaverge Automation Test consultants and domain experts work in close coordination with the customers to integrate all existing Manual test cases into a Scalable automation framework. The Automation framework enables customers to add new test cases and scenarios at a digital speed which improves the overall service and product delivery timelines. Purely from an implementation experience with our customers around two man-months of effort is what required to go from Manual to a Fully Automated Test strategy.

We enable Operators and Product vendors to gain maximum from their engineering resources, be it hardware or human. Over a period of last few years, we have developed and refined a Network Test automation framework that’s being used by Multiple Product vendors and operators for Validation, which is the Key enabler for Continuous Delivery. The Automation product picks up the build from the release server, deploy the same on Test servers as per the configured deployment topology. All test cases are then run in sequence and results are published on the intranet. Our Automation team also provides end-to-end services to help in migration from Manual test strategy to Fully Automated one.

Our engineers have proven expertise in Testing and automating DSC, STP, Firewall, ENUM-DNS, HLR, HSS, Number Portability, and other custom Telecom signaling solutions.