Machine Learning - Telecom Signaling and Churn Management

Telaverge Predictive Analytic Engine uses the neural network approach to parse large data sets in order to predict various outcomes in the telecom network such as,

Customer Churn
Customer Demographics
Forward-looking predictive failures in network elements
Security breach forewarning ahead of incidences

Customer churn is a highly prioritized challenge to be addressed in the competitive cellular mobile market landscape. Analyze CDR/TDR datasets and extract factors and features that can help in predicting customer churn well in advance so as to improve, implement, or adapt strategies for better customer retention Predictive Maintenance is the area where our R&D engineers are consulting few of our customers in coming out a solution that helps in Troubleshooting networking issues at a lightning speed. The Machine learning algorithms are being developed to recognize patterns from large volumes of signaling data and useful knowledge is presented in an easy to understand manner for facilitating quick troubleshooting and to Improve the overall performance of the network.