About Telaverge

Telaverge is a global communications and technology provider having a team of 100+ Strong Engineering force based out of Dallas, Texas with the India Development Centre in Bengaluru. The company is currently growing in terms of size and revenue as we have accelerated value creation for Telecom vendors and Operators. This is due to our consistent proven expertise in the Design, Development, and Deployment of Telecom Products and Solutions for the Operators worldwide. Our deep protocol knowledge, domain expertise combined with Engineering execution and delivery skills are enabling us to deliver world-class products, custom solutions, and services.

With a strong technical knowledge of our customer solutions, Telaverge has expanded in reselling our partner's solution on signaling products including STP, Signaling
Firewall, Diameter Routing (DSC), PCRF, ENUM/DNS and other core network products like HSS, HLR, EIR


Here are some of the Technologies we use to help our customers in building Telecom solutions:-

Protocols, Telecom, Platform Expertise - SS7, MTP, TCAP, SCCP, MAP, CAMEL, SIGTRAN, M2PA, M3UA, DNS, Radius, Diameter, SOAP, TCP/IP, SCTP, TIPC, SNMP

Programming Language - C, C++, Java, Python, Ansible, JavaScript, Shell Scripting

Tools - Jenkins, TestNG framework, Jira, Valgrind, Salesforce

Cloud - AWS, Google, Oracle cloud, Cloudify

Operating System - Linux, Linux Internals, Solaris,

NFV - Open Stack, Virtualization, VMware, CBAM

Mobile - Android, IOS, React native

Database - MySQL, Oracle

Security - SSL, IPSec